AniChart Seasonal Anime: Best 7 Alternatives


What is AniChart?

AniChart is a seasonal anime chart viewer that lists every currently showing anime, along with broadcast counts, synopses, studio information, streaming links, and more. You may also make a note of the anime you like and share it with your friends! It is presently self-fund and is manage by entirely by volunteers.

The sites are free to use, but they support ads; however, advertising does not provide enough revenue to sustain the sites. Therefore there are various alternatives.

There are over ten AniChart alternatives, including websites and applications for Android, Android Tablet, iPad, and iPhone. Anichart, a free choice, is the most acceptable option. provides the best seasonal category

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • TBA

Top 7 Alternatives of Anichart to Watch Anime

1. Anilist

  • Custom lists and custom list CSS are two of the unique characteristics of this extensive anime database, which allows you to manage your anime and manga collections utilizing their distinctive features: various rating systems, custom lists, and custom list CSS.
  • There is also a MyAnimeList import function, a community section, and an activity feed on AniList.

Some individuals may prefer alternative options for various reasons, but AniList is still a solid competitor in this category. 

  • All of this is wrap in a new website design, which includes solid social features, sophisticated search and browsing capabilities, active (though rather sluggish) development, custom lists, alternative rating systems, different titling systems, and much more!
  •  In terms of social aspects, it achieves a great mix between keeping up with or making new acquaintances while still maintaining a strong emphasis on being an informative database and list tracker.
  • One of the most significant shortcomings in the absence of historical context, which means that you may need to visit MAL to see a fully fleshed-out character roster or to read a plethora of reviews. 

It’s up to you to decide whether or not that’s a deal-breaker, but I’d recommend giving AniList a go at least once. You may find it enjoyable.

2. MyAnimeList

Begin keeping track of the anime you’ve seen and the manga you’ve read. Take a look at the vast anime and manga database. Obtain anime or manga recommendations, as well as reviews and ideas. Discussions on the series are present on the forums. View the most highly rated anime and manga. And there’s much more!


  • Support for custom style and CSS is provided.
  • Many plugins available, such as taiga, allow you to monitor or download anime in real-time.
  • The website interface is traditional and non-interactive.

3. Anime Planet

It quickly establishes itself as one of the finest websites for keeping up with anime and manga. 

  • It is very beneficial to be able to keep track of each anime and manga season and episode. 
  • It’s also a pleasure to see how you can personalize your profile, which is a great touch.
  • The suggestions from the community have made it possible for me to get into anime and manga. 
  • Being able to make comments about anime, manga, and characters and interact with other members of the community is a great way to get more engaged with the community. 
  • It has a Discord server that is very useful in meeting and other community members also show their presence with events, and the community is warm and inviting.

4. Kitsu

Kitsu (formerly known as Hummingbird) is a social networking site for Asian media enthusiasts. It offers users a tracking tool that allows them to display to other users what programs and manga they have seen. With an extensive library of over 60,000 titles, users may read reviews, interact with people who share their interests, and find new material to watch or read from its enormous database.


  • A sleek user design and great tracking tools make this the finest anime and manga community available. 
  • It is also mobile compatible. 
  • The website is to be visited by anybody who wants a new and exciting perspective on their anime or manga experience!

5. AnimeFreak

It is one of the most well-known anime streaming websites on the internet. Several individuals refer to it as “animefreakz” or “animefreaks,” as well as “anime freak,” “anime freak television,” “anime freak website,” and “animefreak television.”

It provides fantastic dubbed and subtitled anime material, all of which are available for free. You will not be required to spend a single cent to enjoy anime on our fantastic website.

There is no need other than a device and an internet connection to use this service. Many people like anime and websites such as AnimeFreak provide a comprehensive selection of well-known anime series over a wide range of genres.

AnimeFreak is trusted by millions of people across the globe for anime movies, series, TV shows, and other media.

6. KickassAnime

This website is run by a group of anime DVD rippers that got together in the middle of 2003 and started a website. The following principles have governed the activities of the business:

  • Only available in Japanese
  • Single audio: KAA does not support anime that has been dubbed
  • Simplicity: KAA does not use novel or experimental formats, which is one reason why Matroska and H.264 took so long to be accepted and used by the public and industry.
  • The quality of the Anime that KAA encodes is continuously being improved by the company’s research and development department. 
  • This has involved increasing the file size of each episode from 233 MB to 280 MB. Although unpleasant for those without a DVD burner, sometimes much more is a necessary step in achieving excellent quality, notwithstanding the inconvenience.

7. Animeflix

AnimeFlix is a website where you can view anime, but just anime. It is not a streaming service. It is not a streaming service in the traditional sense.

Except for anime, there are no other television programs or movies to watch. Instead, it has a massive collection of anime from a wide range of various genres to choose from. 

  • Only the name of the anime needs to get type, you have done it. AnimeFlix now offers 1080p and 720p animes, guaranteeing that fans receive high-quality material.
  • As a result of a large number of animes accessible, you may experiment with whatever genre you choose. Perhaps the most significant aspect is that it is entirely free of advertising in contrast to similar websites. 
  • You’ll also find all of the popular anime shows that you may be interested in viewing in this section.
  • Using AnimeFlix has several distinct benefits.
  • It is possible to experiment with a range of genres. Sections containing high-quality content are divided into several categories. You may go exploring anytime and wherever you want.


After learning how to binge-watch your favorite anime series for free, it is now time to get started.

These websites are similar in that they both provide a large selection of current anime series that can be seen or downloaded from the comfort of your own home.

Viewing unauthorized material may potentially result in legal action that could result in negative consequences. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to use the most exemplary VPN service available to protect your online activities.

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