AnimeFlix – 7 Official Anime Flix Alternatives to Watch Anime


What is AnimeFlix?


AnimeFlix is one of the best anime streaming sites to watch free anime online. Anime lovers can watch their favorite anime at any time anywhere with your comfort. Watching anime at no cost is an amazing thing for all anime lovers.

You are already aware of Netflix; AnimeFlix is similar to this site, which is the best streaming site to stream all genres of anime. Their database has a vast collection of all kinds of anime for the viewers. This site is one of the best destinations for watching anime only. For your favorite anime, type the name of the anime in the search bar and you will be done.

AnimeFlix Features


AnimeFlix offers anime in various resolutions depending on the internet available in your area. It has both the resolution 1080P and 720P; whatever suits you for viewing the show, and therefore you will find the HD quality anime with this platform. They offer all genres of animes, so do not go anywhere for watching anime. Find the amazing feature which attracts users.

  • No Advertisement

The site does not spencer any advertisement on their site. You can stream any anime through this site without worrying about Ads. After clicking on any link, it redirects you to any unknown pages because of some bugs, but it is free of any kinds of Ads.

  • Top-Quality Content

The site supports 1080p and 760p anime so your experience will be mind-blowing while watching any content. So, don’t take any stress about the quality of the stuff. 

  • Explore Different Genres

They offer anime in various genres like thrillers, comedy, adventure, action, drama, or any of your choice.

  • Different Sections

The site has various sections like there is a different section for Dubbed animals, animes with subtitles recently added, and all-time popularity. As per your requirement, you can search the section and stream your favorite anime. 

  • Explore anytime and anywhere

It has a massive collection of animes that you can look for any time and anywhere with no hassle. 

  • Payment option

Despite all these features, there is no subscription cost for this site. There are no hard and fast rules & regulations to watch animes.


  • No Ads, it is completely free
  • No subscription fee
  • Massive collection of anime on various genres
  • High-quality HD content
  • Content available in different resolutions


  • Bugs are available at the site
  • Pirated website, be cautious while watching the content. Not safe to use.

7  Sites like AnimeFlix Alternatives for Anime


1. Animedao

Animedao is the most popular anime streaming website and alternative to animeFlix. This is the best destination to watch all kinds of animes so popular among anime lovers. You will get every genre in anime categories to get a mind-blowing experience. The default background light is so easy to watch but may convert in a black space as well.

Key features

  • Light background for a better user experience. A dark background is also available for night owl eyes.
  • The user interface is very clear.
  • Easy to navigate the site to search your favorite stuff.
  • Popular anime genres
  • Adventure, action, drama, fantasy, comedy, adventure, thriller, mystery, vampire, martial arts, science fiction and romance.


  • Clear, uncluttered, and conservative user dashboard for a better and mind-blowing experience.
  • Provided hot buttons to display trending hit episodes for the viewers.
  • List of popular episodes to show you what fans love most
  • No annoying Ads, so comfortable while watching episodes


  • Too clean for those who like a scattered environment.

2. AnimeHeaven

Watching favorite animes at animeheaven offers a great and mind-blowing experience to the viewers. The sites move to a fantasy world for anime lovers. Millions of users regularly visit the site worldwide because of the great and amazing content.

Key features

  • Default dark background, but there is the choice to switch on to the white background.
  • Positioned search bar
  • Simple listing option for a simple choice
  • Popular anime genres
  • Military, historical drama, comedy, superpower, vampire, samurai, adventure, demon


  • A voting option is available that allows viewers to express their opinion about the animes choices.
  • Sizable thumbnail
  • Simple episode list
  • Toggle switch choice between dark and white background


  • Click-bait redirects are crappy.

3. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon crazy is the best platform for watching any kind of your favorite cartoon animes all on one webpage. It is an online add-on for cartoon anime lovers. Using this website, you can find all the classic series of cartoons along with the new ones.

Key features

  • Good interface and design of the site that attracts user
  • Cartoon anime also available for adults
  • They offer all kinds of popular anime shows
  • Offers all kinds of children-friendly cartoon
  • This platform provides the features of Cartoon -Kodi, which offers all genres of favourite cartoons for the viewers. Kodi comes with plenty of add-ons to search and find the show online.
  • The site is suitable for any platform
  • Popular anime genres
  • Cartoons and animations


  • A massive collection of cartoon anime for all viewers
  • Dubbed cartoon shows are also available for the viewers who have an issue with the other language.
  • Mobile friendly, watch the show easily on your smartphone.
  • The best destination for watching cartoon and animation video
  • Allows a user to watch and download anime and famous cartoons
  • Demand nothing as a subscription fee
  • A simple interface allows user to navigate anything with no hassle
  • the layout of the site is easy for everyone
  • Good design of the interface may engage you for a long time


  • Illegal website

4. Mangastream

Mangastream is a renowned and popular website among children and other viewers for comic books. This is not only a Japanese expression but also classified as funny and illustration. Manga stream is a wonderful place to stay for a long time to watch free manga.

Key features

  • The best destination for watching manga, so favorite place for children and comic books lover
  • Offers a massive collection of online comic books database
  • Allow users to explore the funnies of the Japanese free manga
  • Popular anime genres
  • Sci-fi, activities, sentiment, dramatization, satire


  • No subscription needed
  • A massive library of manga
  • Content available in HD quality
  • Stands out as one of the best manga pores


  • The official site of this site is completely down
  • They are available as the clone site over the internet
  • A complete illegal site

5. WatchOP

WatchOP is the one-stop destination for streaming One Piece all episodes on a single platform. Dubbed shows are also available with subtitles.

Key features

  • Best platform for streaming all episodes of One Piece, so this is the dedicated site for the viewers who love One Piece.
  • Offer complete 900 episodes of One Piece available on the homepage of the official site
  • Live ticker feature can make understand the user for the next episodes uploading notification
  • Dubbed episodes are also available for the ease of user
  • Content is superb, offers superb entertainment to the users
  • Interface design is excellent
  • Popular anime genres
  • All One Piece episodes


  • HD quality content
  • Best interface and design
  • The header section of the site has all the key options
  • The hero section of the site is simple:


  • An unofficial site, not safe for the users.

6. Animeultima

Animeultima is another best site to stream free anime online. The major beauty of this site is that it is rich in thumbnail presentations.

Key features

  • International website available worldwide
  • Decent collection of anime
  • Offers subbed and dubbed anime
  • They do not demand any cost to watch their anime show
  • Offers schedule of upcoming anime with anime calendar
  • You can download anime at no cost
  • Popular anime genres
  • Drama, movies, anime series, latest release anime


  • No need to pay any cost
  • Downloadable content
  • HD quality picture


  • Show some sort of nudity and disturbing jokes

7. Justdubs

Justdubs is one of the most prominent free online streaming sites famous worldwide. This is the best destination where users can find love blending anime with cartoons.

Key features

  • They offer three major categories on their site-Latest cartoon, the latest anime, and the latest episodes.
  • The casting background is dark
  • Offers colorful and attractive thumbnail
  • Easy to navigate anything
  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Popular anime genres
  • Fantasy, drama, horror, crime, sports, romance, comedy, adventure, Samurai, Sci-Fi, harem


  • Another cool website to watch cartoons
  • This website has an option to select from
  • Genre search is also available
  • Everything is free of cost
  • Allows users to download the anime.
  • Offered RSS feed for an instant update


  • No choice for a light theme those who don’t prefer dark



  1. Did AnimeFlix get taken down?

No, it is not down. Because of heavy content and users, sometimes it causes issues.

  1. Is AnimeFlix legal and safe?

No, it is a pirated website, so not safe at all. They may harm your system and steal your data.  They have all their content from different sites through the internet. If you desire to stream the episodes, you can do but at your risk. 

  1. Is AnimeFlix part of Netflix?

No, both are separate websites and distinct features.

  1. How to get an entry to AnimeFlix

To get an entry visit their official website to watch animes what you prefer.

  1. How do I fix my AnimeFlix not working?

Update your browser and clear your cookies to get a better result. If still not working, you may change your browser.



A great artistic test makes anime a wonderful form of art. They have identified anime as a beautiful source to ease out the mind, thus relieving anxiety and any worries. It activates our mind to do better in life and do not forget this is the best platform for entertainment.

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