What is the Best Alternative for Boycotting Chinese Apps & Websites?

Boycotting Chinese Apps & Websites

In the market, one can get a large number of Chinese apps, but if you want to use them and are looking for an alternative, Below you can get list of best alternatives to boycott Chinese app

Chinese apps and websites alternative for keeping your data secure

#1. Google Chrome To Replace UC Browser

The objective of Google when launching this browser was to improve stability, security, and speed in the navigation of users on the Internet.

Among the main features of this program, we find, for example, Black Lists, which block different sites, which will be specified by the user to prevent them from accessing their privacy.

It is worth mentioning that these blacklists can be constantly updated. Definitely a big step in security.

Another notable point is that you can view this browser as almost incognito, by deleting temporary files when browsing is complete, which does not record any activity. Without a doubt, a good strategy for those who surf in public equipment

Install:-  Android | IOS | Website

#2. Google Translate To Replace U-dictionary 

Google Translate is a multiplatform tool that allows us to translate websites and texts for free and immediately. The augmented reality translation is integrated in its mobile application, where it is possible to translate texts from photographs.

Learn new vocabulary, grammatical expressions thanks to immediate translation. Translation of texts and articles from websites or blogs is possible with this tool.

Use in the study of foreign languages ​​as support to practice the pronunciation of texts.

To use Google Translate, you only need to access the web and copy and paste the desired text, selecting both the source and destination languages.

Install:-  Android | IOS | Website

#3. Amazon To Replace Alibaba

Are you an Amazon buyer and still don’t know what Amazon Prime is? This subscription service of the company, which costs $ 120 per year, allows you to access a series of benefits, from free delivery for your purchases, in addition to books, music, movies, and games.

One of the most valuable aspects of obtaining a Prime membership is the ability to access Amazon Prime Video movies and series.

Install:-  Android | IOS | Website

#4. Funimate, Triller To Replace TikTok

It’s a better place to make videos. Funimate for PC is a device that helps you create music videos and also edit funny videos. It’s best to make your video trends that are creative.

It helps you create the best video that automatically improves your experience in a variety of ways. There are no unique skills required to have users in Windows.

There is a short video that you can create in the Funimate app. When you create a funimate for your Mac, you can create stories based on music for movies to remember.

They also make collages and even play a role in those fun animated selfies. Made with unique features like the built-in camera, it includes a timer that provides optimal sync for yourself. Every day is a fun day with this type of application.

Funimate Install:-  Android | IOS | Website

Triller Install:-       Android | IOS | Website

#5. AirDroid To Replace Xender

AirDroid provides us with a web interface that we can access from any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network as our Smartphone, being able to manage multiple functions of our device thanks to a very visual and attractive interface.

In case you do not have a Wi-Fi access point available to connect both devices we also have the option of creating a Wi-Fi network from the Smartphone itself and connecting to it from our computer.

This web interface gives us access to a large number of functions of the device, as well as all the files that we have stored. We can remotely view in real-time the camera preview, the contact list, our photo gallery and we even have a file browser available.

The most interesting thing about AirDroid is that it not only gives us access to the information on our Smartphone but also allows us to modify it from the web interface itself. We can add or edit contacts, install applications or delete the ones we already have installed or carry out all kinds of actions on the files we have stored.

AirDroid also offers us devise statistics, such as the remaining battery level, storage statistics, or the version of Android that we have installed. We also have a small toolbar available that allows us to upload files to our Smartphone very quickly.

Install:-  Android | IOS | Website

#6. Microsoft Lens To Replace CamScanner

It is not the first time that we see a scanner application for smartphones. It is enough to do a small search by a scanner or by OCR to locate a handful of free options with which to convert a photo taken with the mobile phone into editable text.

How is the new Office Lens different then? Lens offers a very interesting candy: a free pocket OCR scanner. The implicit condition (or paste for some) is that you have to install Office applications and use One Drive.

An option called Blackboard even lets you clean text from reflections and colors to make the resulting file more readable and weigh a little less

Microsoft Office Lens is, in short, an excellent pocket scanner easy to use, fast, and very well integrated with OneDrive and Office. If you don’t use Microsoft apps or don’t want to use them, there are some alternatives like CamScanner.

Install:-  Android | IOS | Website

#7. Google To Replace Baidu

Let’s see all the benefits that a GOOGLE ACCOUNT gives us.

  • Gmail Email
  • YouTube
  • Blog spots
  • Picasa
  • Video calls
  • Google Earth
  • Google Maps
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Google translator

If these services were few have the browser Google Chrome which is one of the fastest and avant-garde, minimalist appearance and 100/100 of Acid Test, but this may not be enough so it’s also out to the GOOGLE CHROME OS an operating system based on GNU / Linux with every intention to work 100% with Cloud Computing.

Install:-  Android | IOS | Website

#8. Youtube To Replace Toudou Youku

It offers the possibility of publishing the videos directly from the YouTube homepage to blogs and social networks; email them, etc.

  • Create communities through subscriptions.
  • It has become a widely used resource in the media.
  • Many media have established alliances with YouTube to have a private channel to broadcast their own material.
  • It is the second most important search channel in the world, only behind Google.
  • The process of uploading videos to your channel is very simple and fast, it accepts most of the most used video formats, MPEG, Avi, mp4, among others.
  • YouTube has a large storage capacity; you can upload videos without space problems.

On your channel you will have all your videos centralized, users can view and comment on all the material you have uploaded.

Install:-  Android | IOS | Website

#9. What’s app To Replace WeChat

One of the main advantages of this application is that of communicating with several people at the same time. WhatsApp groups have come to replace email chains and there are many types.

Family groups keep everyone in touch, help organize the family day-to-day and share moments and experiences, which can have a positive impact on the family environment. If we talk about families in which one of its members lives abroad, these advantages multiply.

It is the best application that is used to do a live chat with others. One can also do video calls using this app.

Install:-  Android | IOS | Website

Boycotting Chinese Apps & Websites
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