Best Free Watch online streaming anime websites

20 Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Latest Collection(Safe & Secure)

Dear friends, how are you? I hope all of you are found. Many people like to watch anime movies or anime TV series. But some people like to watch online streaming anime movies or Tv series the same as me.  If you want to watch anime movies online then you should pay money for it. do not worry if you want to watch free anime movies then in this article I will also mention this. In this article, I will provide mention all the websites which provide anime movies free. 

One thing I want to inform you that anime websites are most searched in the search engine. As for Google reviews that as for their review in a month over 10 million people search the anime website. 

So we come to the point the list of anime websites that are mostly search on Google among them which are the best is on our list. 

20 Best Anime Streaming Websites  to Watch Anime Online


TUBI TV is the most popular website on our list.  There are the following reasons because TUBI TV is popular.

  • TUBI TV sites provide movies and Tv shows dubbed and with subtitles. 
  • Tubi TV has a good collection of anime movies and TV shows.
  • The video quality is provided by TUBI TV is better than the others.
  •  When we talk about the User interface then it is a superb interface.
Tubi TV
Tubi TV

2. ) Crunchyroll

This is one of the most popular sites on our list. Crunchyroll is one of the genuine websites on our list.  These are legal anime websites. Even though this is a legal site, it does not come with a premium membership.  This site provided lots of episodes that are available to watch online streaming. 

One thing you might be dissatisfied with this site is the provided 480 p resolution of videos. And while watching the video, it takes many ad breaks.


3.) JustDubs

JustDubs is an online streaming website for watching and downloading the newest anime television series and movies for frank. Its program has various genres from horror, drama, comedy, action, romance, mystery, thriller, and more.

4.) Yahoo View

Yahoo view sites providing High-quality anime without giving any type of cost.  this site providing high-quality videos with a mixture of anime movies and series. 

These sites also provide different categories of movies, tv shows, and other anime videos. 

5.) ViewSter

This website will allow showing anime series and movies for free of cost. Even though these sites are free but it is providing popular anime and non-anime movies also. when we talk about anime collection then it provides a decent collection.

This site is best for the beginner in anime streaming sites because its interface is very easy to use. Viewster providing a high definition video with English subtitles. 

6.) Crackle

Crackle is one of the familiar websites to anime fans. This site is owned by Sony.

in this site providing less number of videos than other provided. But all the videos provided by these sites are awesome because of its quality is good and zero advertisements.


7.) Chia-Anime 

Chia anime is one of the best sites in this list because this site comes with anime movies and tv shows. 

This site comes with other added advantages just like these sites provided pop-up ads are fewer as compared to other anime websites.

It is a Japanese anime website, but almost all the episodes are English subbed.


8.) AnimeBam

AnimeBam is one of the famous vast databases of collection of anime movies and TV series. In this site, you can find all other categories of anime movies and tv shows.


9.) GOGOAnime

There are lots of sites available in the market but as for my point of view among them, GOGOANIME is one of the best it among them .  for downloading anime movies and anime TV series from it very easy. And all the anime online streaming is also good then another one because of this sites providing seven servers.  And also providing free of cost watch anime online free of cost.



Kiss anime is one of the best anime streaming sites on the net.  This site providing a high-quality server with the help of it you can watch buffering free videos. 

In this site, you can find new anime and old anime also.  All the video is dubbed in English also provided the subtitles of videos. 

The other advantage of these sites is providing online anime movies without paying anything.

 11.) Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is one of the popular websites which offers a variety of anime movies.  the reason behind the anime-planet is the best then the site has a partnership with widely used video streaming sites.


12.) Animefreak

When you look at the Anime Freak then you feel that this is a blog, not sites.  Why? Then this site provided lots of information regarding it. but actually this is one of the best anime streaming sites, not a blog. According to manga comics this is the best anime streaming site.  These sites also provide a huge collection of anime movies and tv shows with English subtitles.


 13. )

This is one of the best anime sites on this list. The main advantage of this site features all the licensed U.S Anime movies.

These sites providing a new anime series. is well-organized websites and also comes with an attractive playback window option. 

All the anime Shows are properly organization which makes helps in finding different episodes.  These websites have another feature that cannot come with ads means this site is totally ads free. 

14.) Hulu

This site is too old in the anime world. These sites provide lots of anime movies and anime tv shows and other videos also.  The episode which is shown in these sites is basically in HD Quality. 

HULU providing all kinds of movies and anime series for different genres.  There are first-month free subscriptions to these sites and enjoy the free movies after that you need to spend money on watching anime movies.  the subscription free of the month is $7.99 per month.

Another advantage of these sites is also compatible with mobile. And the disadvantage of these sites is not available in all countries.


15. ) Aniline

With the use of these sites, you must watch online anime movies without giving any money.  when you open these sites then you must impress from It about their fascinating view and user-friendly interface.


16. ) AnimeNova

Anime Nova is one of the most popular anime streaming sites. there are lots of anime movies and tv shows provided by it.  you can find the video on the drop-down alphabetical menu. These sites provided a large list of latest updated episodes. The latest episode is updated on these sites regularly. 

17. ) Soul-anime

Soul Anime is one of the best anime sites on our list.   When we watch the home page of these sites then you must tell that awesome feeling because of its providing user-friendly interface.  Soul-Anime providing an easy Navigation environment. 

These sites provided the easy image’s link with the help of its user click the episode correctly.


18. ) Netflix

Netflix is also one of the best sites which are providing anime series and anime movies. 

You must know that anime is one of the best anime movies providing sites. but it is not free. And all the picture seen by these sites is legal. 

It comes with both subbed and dubbed versions of the anime series.


19. )

This website is one of the best animated movies and tv series provider sites. this site is totally free of cost and these sites providing more and more income.  These sites providing HD quality videos and you definitely satisfied which them. this Anime websites also provide with subtitles in both the language Japanese and English. 

20. ) 9Anime

If you want to watch online free movies then 9Anime is one of the best choices for it. these sites come will different categories of anime movies and TV shows.  These sites providing easy user interface with the help of it kids can also surf these sites and watch their favorite movies.

The best part of this site is that you do not need to register on this site.  You can directly access these sites without any kind of registration.


Final Thoughts

There are lots of Anime websites available in the market with the help of it you can stream it, but among them the link of the easy image we choose for you the best websites which are providing only anime movies without giving trouble to you. trouble in the sense of much ads, backdoors, Trojans horse.

Among them some sites are legal or some sites are providing illegal content.  As for my point of view, you must follow those websites which are legal but it is dependent upon you to follow rules.