10 Best New Putlocker Alternatives Movies Websites in 2021


If you want to best alternative sites like pulocker then you are in the right place or anybody wants to free movies on the internet then you are in the right place. people‘s first choice is putlocker but I want to tell you the list of websites which are available to provide free movies. Here I mention some sites each of the sites is free of cost and the same functionality or facility provided same as put locker so we can say that all the sites which I mention here are putlocker alternative sites.

I know put locker is one of the best sites which are providing movies online streaming is very good but due to the legal action, the site makes alternative changes during the time by time. If you want to enjoy movies online then you must know the alternative site of putlocker. 

Why ? so putlocker change a lot of domain just like putlocker.ch or putlocker.is more and more domain is changing due to legal notice. So people are getting problems finding out the real sites of putlocker. So here I will mention the putlocker alternative sites. 

With the help of all the alternative sites, you can enjoy the latest movies in 2021 and also enjoying your favorite tv show online of gender shows and different movies online.

10 Best New Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies Online in 2021

PutLocker is one of the great sites to provides movies but due to legal notice putlocker often changes their domain here I will provide the top10 sites which provide the same movies, video and tv series in it. 

In the list you can choose any sites from the list then you can enjoy the movies.


HULU is one of the greatest sites which is equivalent to putlocker which provides the best movies and tv shows but you need to pay some subscription fees of $5.99 per month and then enjoying your favorite movies and tv shows on HULU.

 But I want to tell you HULU is providing a free watching entertainment of movies and tv shows for 1 month. After that, you need to pay 5.99. the first time you need to sign up for the form. Hulu is providing a limited-time offer that’s why this subscription value is $5.99 for a month and this offer is only still 2019 to 2020 only. 

Otherwise, you just need to pay $7.99 per month. First I personally suggest you please enjoy first-month free service and then you like this website then become a member.


SOLARMOVIES.FM is one of the best websites on our list and this site is an alternative to putlocker. Why? Then there are many reasons among them the first reasons is this website provides a number of movies, Television shows, and everything is free of cost.

The great feature of this site does not charge anything for online streaming videos and movies

I assure you that you must like these sites so I put this site on the ranked on the seconds. This site is the most popular movie lovers and tv shows lover person. So please once visit these sites and decide for yourself.

3. 123movies

123movies.fun is the best movies site on our list because these sites provide plenty of features just like watch movies, tv shows and all are free. And this website does not a requirement for any signup option and does not require registration.  You can search for your favorite movies and tv shows in the search box. 

This site is providing the unique content of movies, tv shows, and other videos also provided by it. 

123movies watcher list is huge. 


Megasharesc.com is one of the most popular putlocker alternative sites. This site works on the free platform that’s going to this website and enjoy your favorite HD movies free of cost. There is a plus point then it has minus points too. This website has many advertisements. so might be possible you did not like these sites but these sites have plenty of features. 

You can enjoy free movies and advertisement is not a big deal than watching HD quality movies

Megashare is great sites like putlocker. The best part of this site provides the content to users according to their country wise and their local languages based. 

The other part is this site also has a search option you can search the movies according to their name, year, language-wise. 


NITER.me is one of the best sites for streaming online movies in HD quality. Niter is providing a huge number of movies without additional charge for membership. The best part of this site does not need logging in to watch a movie. 

For watching movies you simply need to go to the sites and simply click on the movies and your movies will be started. These sites also have the same problem as megashare there are lots of ads on these sites even though the player has also ads so the user does not need to watch the movies on these sites.


popcorntime  is also on the out list because this site provides the latest movies and different types of movies. This movie has also the best part is this site does need any type of membership fees. Popcorntime also comes with the android application. So you can enjoy movies on your smartphone and tablet also. 

POPCORNTIME provides the movies from the torrent and other platforms. By the use of these sites or android application, you can watch free HD movies.

7. Fmovies.io

Fmovies.io is the best sites like putlocker alternative. This site has a free version also with the use of these sites you can enjoy the movies and all the movies you can find in high-quality resolution.

The best part of the Fmovies.io is this you can choose your favorite movies by categories wise.  Fmovies.io is the most popular category wise. And also find the movies according to alphabet wise (A-Z) by country.


POPCORNFLIX   is the best site than all other sites which are providing movies because of its have much functionality and easy to use user interface environment. POPCORNFLIX provides high-quality movies and tv shows.  you can click on the movies or show and at the top of the movies, you can find the button to watch movies.

POPCORNFLIX provides the latest movies and all the movies are in High-quality Graphics based. you can choose the movies according to categories just like new arrives, horror, action, drama, comedy, etc.

You can directly stream a movie or tv show in your browser. And this site also does not ask you to register for watching movies. and not taking more ads like other sites. You definitely like these sites for watching online movies. 


SnagFilms.com is also the best sites on our list. SNAGFILMS provides the latest movie and latest tv shows according to user requirements. You can find all the latest movies on its home page. You can simply need to choose the films that you want to see. 

The best part is this is the free platform for streaming online movies and Tv shows. This website is also the best due to one reason. The Reason is this site does not provide many ads so the user does not waste their time and enjoying the movies without interrupting ads. As for we talk about the interface then user interface is fantastic so anybody can surf this site easily and its player is also the best. as for my opinion, I will give it 10 out of 8 stars.


TINKLEPAD.cc is the last one on our list but this site is also good. TINKLEPAD is one of the greatest sites according to putlocker. These sites provided the movies according to some categories wise. You can watch movies according to most-watched movies, recently, top rating, IMDB and many other categories available. 

On the home page, you will find the recommended movies according to your search history.  This site is free of cost and does not ask you to register without registration you can enjoy the movies. this site are available in different countries also. 

This site provides the latest movies and tv shows based on new arrivals. 

Conclusion :

Here I put the top 10 sites which are alternative sites of putlocker. As I told you at the beginning of the article putlocker is a good site but its changed its domain often and often due to some reason. That’s why we need to find the best alternative sites like pulocker. 

In this article, I provided the best movie provider sites which are like the pulocker. If you like to watch online movies then all the sites provide Hd movies that are on the list.

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