Business Collaboration Apps & Software for Making Work Easy

Business Collaboration Apps & Software

Collaboration in companies is a recent and innovative practice. Some already use the latest technology, but not all have implemented this practice in their daily business use. However, in recent years, with the increasing creation of applications that use the Cloud to store and share files, teamwork done collaboratively and remotely […]

Soundhound for PC (Working On Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Mac OS)

soundhound for pc

What is a SoundHound App? SoundHound is an application that works very well, and in which we have found extra functions, apart from the usual recognition of one song in a “traditional” way. It also recognizes songs if we hum them, something that is phenomenal. Soundhound is an application that recognizes […]

Top 10 Best Taxi Apps to Pickup & Drop From your Location

Best Taxi Apps

Taxi applications are beneficial. They all work in almost the same way, so the choice of the best online taxi service apps is based generally on user experience. There are dozens of questions to analyze when choosing taxi applications, so below, you can find new lights on what to take into account. 1. […]

59 Chinese Application Banned in India

Chinese Application Banned in India

Why Chinese Application Banned in India? Chinese apps are very popular all over the world and one can get a large number of Chinese apps in the online market. In India, one can also get at least 1 Chinese app on most people’s android devices. But these days relations on the […]

What is the Best Alternative for Boycotting Chinese Apps & Websites?

Boycotting Chinese Apps & Websites

In the market, one can get a large number of Chinese apps, but if you want to use them and are looking for an alternative, Below you can get list of best alternatives to boycott Chinese app Chinese apps and websites alternative for keeping your data secure #1. Google Chrome To Replace […]