How to Put a Superscript or Subscript in Google Doc

superscript in google docs

When the writer wants smaller letters at the top, it is called Superscript format. If the pattern requires putting smaller letters at the bottom, it is called the Subscript format. It is a usual thing when the user wants to show a mathematical formula or any chemical equation.  The superscript and […]

Connected to Wifi But No Internet Connection (100% Fix With in 5 Minute)

connected to wifi but no internet connection

Reasons of the loss of the internet If you find yourself wondering why connected to wifi but no internet. You understand what’s wrong. So even without the Internet you can view this article.  Know the reason of why Wi-Fi not working Just as you cannot cure an infection without knowing what […]

Download JW Player With The Use Of Four Different Ways

Download JW player

Hi guys, how are you? As usual every day today I come with you the latest technology-related topic JW player. Do you attend to download JW player videos externally one trouble? If you hold individuals of these people who resemble a complete guide approximately how to download JW player videos for […]

Best Games Likes Diablo 3 For Play In 2020 | With Every Day New Update

People are often asked about games like Diablo 3 because of the Games like Diablo 3 are interesting to play and everybody likes to play these types of games. Blizzard Entertainment is a company that has made one mind-blowing game whose name is Diablo.  This game is one action game played […]

What Is The TTY Mode On Mobile Phones And How To Use TTY?

What is the TTY mode on mobile phones and how to use TTY?

Hello friends, today we come to the new interesting topic with the help of it you can manage your smartphone in a smart way.  Many of you are not aware of this feature but after the completion of this article you will find how to use TTY and how to set […]

Top 7 Free VPN to Watch Movies and Anime Online

Free VPN to Watch Movies and Anime Online

Go no further than this post for some vast anime-streaming websites. You may watch Free online watch movie streaming, best anime websites to watch anime, and free watch live sports streaming.   We have studied some of the best anime websites that enable you to watch anime online for free. These websites […]

How to Solve The “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” Error

SIM Not Provisioned MM2”

What is “Sim not provisioned mm#2”? SIM cards carry data that assists in the identification of our cell phone account. The SIM allows the phone to identify as ours on the mobile network by assigning each phone a unique IMEI number. This data links our mobile phone with the operator to […]