How to Put a Superscript or Subscript in Google Doc

superscript in google docs

When the writer wants smaller letters at the top, it is called Superscript format. If the pattern requires putting smaller letters at the bottom, it is called the Subscript format. It is a usual thing when the user wants to show a mathematical formula or any chemical equation. 

The superscript and subscript in colloquial language are rarely used, but are very common in scientific or textbooks , as used in chemical or mathematical formulas. For example, the formula of water is H 2 O. That’s a subscript (a letter at a lower height in a text).

The superscripts (letters at a height above) arise when you want to put an ad to sell a house or rent a room, for example. They are used to quote the square meters of a surface. Something like, “This floor is 90 m 2 “.

If you are a student or work in certain professions, from chemist to notary, you will use them often. And here the question arises: How do you put a subscript and a superscript in Google Doc? The truth is that it is very simple, but since we use it little, we tend to forget it. There are three ways of including a subscript or superscript.

The most traditional method is the main menu option. There are also shortcut options that save a lot of time. Both methods for adding both are discussed in the following discussed below.

We are going to show you how to put a subscript in Google docs.

What is the procedure of doing subscript and superscript in Google Doc using the menu bar?

The text to be subscripted/superscripted is first highlighted. The main menu has got an option called “Format”. The “Text” option under this will make the highlighted text subscripted/superscripted.

superscript in google docs
superscript in google docs

It takes time and is very mechanical. Most tutorial guidelines include this method for adding superscript in Google docs.  It is easy to do and one can easily find the option in the Format menu.

What are the alternative methods?

Ctrl+ is a superscript shortcut. The special character chart is another useful way of doing the operation. First, the user needs to search for the “Special characters” option from the Insert menu. After writing “Superscript” or “Subscript” in the search field, the highlighted text will be converted into the desired manner.

It is the most effective way and time reducing method of adding the superscript google docs. So if you have to add subscript or superscript in your Google doc, then read the above article. It makes it easy for you to add subscript or superscript


Including subscript and superscript shows a manner of professionalism while writing important content. It can be any trademark or any mathematical formula. Such tools prove effective when dealing with important documents having technical understanding.

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