How to Watch Anime Online: Best 7 Anime Streaming Sites

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The number of anime fans is increasing throughout the globe, particularly in India, where people are getting into a whole new world of narrative and entertainment via anime.

However, we are aware that most anime websites are based in Japan or the United States and thus have geolocation limitations. Understandably, many of you are into learning how to stream anime for free in India. Although this is the case, there are still many alternatives for those who want to watch anime online, including some entirely free ones.

Do not be worried since we have all of the answers. Continue reading to learn more about the free anime sites available in India.

What is it about anime that makes it so popular?

Japanese culture, anime, and manga have seen a steady rise in popularity throughout the years. In recent years, the popularity of anime and its comic strip has increased in the Western world.

Another important reason anime has survived the test of time and has risen in popularity across the globe is owing to its unique capacity to evolve along with the interests of its audiences. Furthermore, Japan’s most renowned anime specialist, Takamasa Sakurai, says that the genre’s unusual nature helps it gain widespread acceptance. 

Fans of anime from other countries have said that they appreciate the intensity of the stories. They also understand the fact that the endings are frequently tricky to anticipate. Since anime is often aimed at adult audiences.

What Characterizes Anime as a Whole?

  • Techniques for Animation

Storyboarding, character design and voice acting are all used in making anime, which is a traditional form of animation. Rather than creating each frame individually, it is a kind of restricted animation in which the animator reuses similar elements between frames rather than drawing them from scratch. It eliminates the need to create a totally new scenario for each illustration.

The result of this method is that viewers think more change is occurring on the screen and watch it using a free VPN from the Best Anime Websites. Furthermore, since fewer frames are drawn throughout the production process, anime production becomes more cost-effective and time-efficient.

Anime produces a more stylized outcome, which frees the animators from following strict rules to represent the actual world. The art styles used in anime vary from direct to strange, extravagant, and everything in between. Not to add that even programs with simple artwork are aesthetically appealing to a large number of viewers.

Scenes in anime films strongly emphasize achieving 3D views, with backgrounds that depict the scene’s mood. For example, in numerous anime films such as Tenchi Muyo, you will often witness the changing of the seasons and thus fans got inspired by the Cute Anime Girls Names and boys names and use them to denote their friends in daily life.

  • Storylines that are one of a kind

In anime programmes, there isn’t necessarily a central idea to follow. Since, the storylines in these programmes may range from samurai stories to comical escapades and pirate assaults, among other things. The storylines of most of these programmes and movies vary from their American counterparts since they do not alter until the last episode of the series or film.

Furthermore, many anime stories have moral lessons as well as a certain level of elegance. Aside from that, the series’ great narration manages to keep the viewer engaged for a long period. Therefore, it invites viewers who like seeing a story develop throughout many episodes.

  • Not Just for Children

One of the most distinctive qualities of anime is that it attracts people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. Pokémon and My Neighbor Totoro are just a few of the kid-friendly anime projects you’ll discover on this list. Teenagers and older people will enjoy anime such as Death Note and InuYasha, which are now refreshing.

Furthermore, because of the nature of their storylines, they are equally appealing to adults. In reality, most of the stories, such as Queens Blade and Monster, are geared toward adults. The modern anime characters expect adult viewers to be able to understand what they are saying because of their complexity.

In general, this genre is made in such a manner that it appeals to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Even the usage of comedy in the anime narrative is there to serve as a counterbalance to a more violent or grim subject. Adult viewers become more engaged as a result of this.

Best 7 Anime Streaming Sites

1. AnimeFlix

AnimeFlix is a website that allows you to watch various animes…only animes…on your computer or mobile device. Except for Anime, there are no other shows or movies available on the site. Henceforth, it offers a large library of anime, which includes shows from all different genres.

  • AnimeFlix does not run ads on its website. This website allows you to view anime episodes for free. Clicking on a link may sometimes take you to an unfamiliar website. Websites have bugs, but it is an ad-free environment.
  • You may utilise it to discover new anime genres including adventure, mystery, action, comedy, and more. It is one of the best websites to visit for all things anime.
  • The website provides both 1080p and 760p anime, ensuring a great watching experience. So don’t worry about the anime’s overall quality.

2. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is an excellent streaming service that offers free subtitled and dubbed anime. The site offers a huge selection of anime series organised by genre and popularity. 

  • They keep adding new items to their catalogue for their millions of anime fans.
  • Most anime fans use this site to view anime video series, episodes, and other popular content.
  • Along with free viewing, you may also download content for free. However, the site is mobile-friendly and responsive, which is a significant advantage.
  • The site divides its episodes into parts for user convenience.

3. JustDubs

JustDubs is a prominent free dubbed anime website. We listed the top 7 similar sites. All provide a large inventory and a dynamic user interface. Casual and die-hard anime fans alike love them. We hope you will too.

  • On the go dubbed anime is available at Justdubs.
  • They also allow users to download anime and view it offline, which is extremely useful for people in India.
  • You may download or watch your favourite anime episodes.

4. Chia Anime

Chia Anime is one of the finest free anime websites, where you can catch up on all of the latest and greatest anime shows on the internet. it is a website where you may view the most recent episodes of Naruto and Bleach.

  • The UI interface of this excellent website is very user-friendly.
  • This website contains a large database with a large number of anime libraries, which makes it a wonderful resource.
  • After logging onto the website, you may see options such as most popular, most recent, and so on, which lead visitors to the most up-to-date information available.

5. Animepahe

Animepahe is a torrent website for anime series. The Anime Series may be seen for free at

  • Animepahe is a website where individuals may download anime series illegally.
  • Lots of English-dubbed and -subbed Japanese cartoons and anime movies and series.
  • It allows you to download movies in 360p, 720p, and 1080p HD.
  • This software has a search engine to quickly discover your favourite anime.

6. AniChart

AniChart provides information about studios, synopses, and streaming links.

  • You may also share your favourite anime with your friends and free watch anime.
  • AniList is a programme used by over 100,000 people to monitor their Anime and Manga progress.
  • The database is among the most current, with 200,000 entries.
  • AniList has various score kinds, list themes, a public API, and community services including live chat, feeds, and forums.

7. KickAssAnime

Kickassanime has the most fans and users.

  • Their anime viewing choices are diverse and high-quality on Kissanime.
  • After registering on Kissanime’s website, users may download the episodes.
  • It’s always looking for ways to improve the quality of the Anime it encodes.
  •  Every episode has gone from 233 MB to 280 MB, and often much more, which is difficult for those without a DVD burner but necessary for really great quality.


Being an anime fan right now is a thrilling experience. Anime has never been more widely available than it is right now. Anyone may now watch their favourite programme anytime they want, from the comfort of their own homes, without having to worry about being restricted.

We hope you found this list of popular Anime streaming sites to be useful. So move forward and watch anime online from the online anime streaming sites.

Henceforth, use the search box or the comment box located in the top right corner of this page to find more reviews of similar nature.

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