What Is The TTY Mode On Mobile Phones And How To Use TTY?

What is the TTY mode on mobile phones and how to use TTY?

Hello friends, today we come to the new interesting topic with the help of it you can manage your smartphone in a smart way.  Many of you are not aware of this feature but after the completion of this article you will find how to use TTY and how to set in your smartphone.  The TTY mode is one of the best features of your device. With the help of TTY you can hearing and speech impaired to communicate on phone lines. In this article I will provide all the information about TTY mode. How to set it up and how to use it. 

Description Of  TTY Mode:

Many of you do not aware of TTY mode. Among all of you did not aware of it. I was also unaware of this feature. But after a search on google, I found the great functionality of our smartphones. 

but before we got information about TTY. One thing you must know that as for the low of American rules the title IV of the American with Disabilities Act, the TTY service must be extended free of charge in each and every state of America. Transcribed conversation over phone lines documents to be of great use to these hard of hearing, the blind, and the speech-impaired.
To shift to the TTY mode, the telephone is connected to a TTY device that can decipher written messages within voice words and same opposite functionality, as for your needs.

What Is TTY VCO?

VCO reaches for ‘voice prevail over’. Here feature is intended for people who are ready to talk but are hearing-impaired. A hearing-impaired character can communicate spoken but needs to be sent typewritten messages. This is enabled by TTY VCO.

What Is TTY HCO? 

 Now we will describe to you what is the means of TTY HCO then HCO means Hearing Carryover. I hope you do not understand it.  Let us come in detail TTY HCO is one of the best features and this feature design for those people who can not speed properly but he can hear. Those people who have a disability to speak but he can hear properly that person can use this functionality. And this functionality is one of the great blessings for disability to those people who are disabled to speak.  Those people who do not unable to speak who can listen to messages and send the typed messages on the mobile. This facility is known as TTY HCO.

Now we will see how TTY works?  in the below paragraph you can find the basic functionality or how TTY works?   

How Does TTY Work

  1.  TTY device comes with Keyboard and screen.  We will discuss two types of TTY devices. Among the first one is a built-in phone and another device is needed to connect a phone.  We will discuss both the device in this article later.
  2. First thing you must know that cell phone is not a TTY device.  You must need to connect the cell phone to a TTY device with the help of cable.  You must connect one plugin TTY device and other in cell phone means mobile phone.  Those cables are work just like audio and audio out connector. 
  3. Only and only its works when your mobile must be in TTY mode then this TTY device work. first, check your mobile have TTY functionality means that in your device have TTY mode or not.  Do not worry about it how to check it I will describe in this article.
  4. What TTY device do?  TTY device main task it to decode and encode messages and voice notes which massages we send it and receive it.  Those messages we send those message encode and other end TTY devices decode this message and appear on the screen.
    1. If you do not understand these then leave it as it is.  In simple language TTY device’s functionality is the same as modem’s functionality. 

How To Set TTY On Your Mobile

If you want to set a TTF device on your phone then first need to set your smartphone. how to set your smart phone in TTY mode for that please read this paragraph step by step information to set your device to TTY enable. You need to follow the steps which I mention here. 

 First thing you need to go to the TTY option which is available in ‘settings’ in your mobile phone and process the following steps. 

Here I will provide all types of mobile setting so do not worry about this. 

On Iphone TTY Setting 

Steps  1. The first steps you need to go to the ‘settings’ option. After that you need to choose Phone option in setting . in short go to setting 🡪phone.

Steps 2.  In the phone menu, you can find the TTY mode then on this mode with the help of the moving slider to ON position. 

Steps 3.   With the help of an audio jack or adapter, plug into one jack in your i-phone and other jack in your TTY device.

Steps 4.  Steps 4 is nothing but on the TTY device and ready to communicate. 

How To Set A TTY Device In LG Android Mobile Phone 

When you have LG Android mobile and what to  TTY mode on in it then this paragraph is for you.  you must follow the steps which I mention here.

Steps 1: first steps is this go to ‘Settings’ menu then select the system settings.  In short GOTO ‘setting menu’ 🡪 ‘system settings’ 

Steps 2:  in the system setting you will find another menu ‘call ‘  go to the ‘call ‘ menu . in the call menu you will find ‘TTY option’.  

In short  Menu 🡪 system setting 🡪 call menu -> TTY option . 

Steps 3:  then you will need to choose from a list of options which include TTY Off, TTY Full, TTY HCO, and TTY VCO.

Steps 4:  as for your requirement choose it and turn it on or off as for requirement. 

Steps 5: then connect the cable with the TTY device and this device is ready to work. 

How To Set TTY Mode On  Samsung Galaxy

Steps 1 🡪  if you have a Samsung mobile then you must follow this paragraph. 

Steps 2 🡪 First thing is this Go to ‘Settings’ menu and then select ‘My Device’ option. 

Steps 3 🡪then after you need to choose ‘Call option’. Here, you will find the option ‘TTY mode’.

Steps 4🡪 In the TTY option you will find several options TTY OFF, TTY FULL, TTY HCO, and TTY VCO.   Select the appropriate option which you want. 

Steps 5🡪 plugin mobile and TTY device with the help of a cable.  Now your mobile is ready to work. 

Conclusion :

As for the Federal Law of America,  all the people who are speech and listening-impaired, justify being capable to interact as surely as reasonable. TTY has been presented with an understanding of implementing this part of people, with an easy means of transmission over phones.

If you find any problem regarding this article then please comment with us. 

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